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Healthy Ways to Maintain Health When You Want to Sleep At night

Healthy Ways to Maintain Health When You Want to Sleep At night - Sometimes when we want to sleep, we always forget to always take care of our health, especially those in urban areas, Well In the way that I will give you, hopefully it can be useful. At night, at certain hours, we usually want to sleep, don't forget to always turn on the AC or fan.

However, health when you want to sleep if you are close to the air conditioner or fan will make our bodies not feel hot, but behind the effects we usually get sick slowly. Below I will give tips on how to easily and easily How to maintain health when you want to sleep at night?

1. Fan

Of course with a fan if the air in your bedroom feels hot. Try actually to use a cool one, for example using a fan, but don't install a fan near you. Install a fan with a speed that we can adjust as desired, and usually for setting the coolness of the air released by the fan we can control it to Number 1 so that it doesn't get too cold.

Well, in general, try the fan facing the wall and let the wind generated from the wall be in accordance with our wishes.

2. AC

AC is air conditioning around the room to be cool, but air conditioning can also cause disease, for that usually you if you have AC try AC when we control the air temperature in the bedroom. Don't be too cold, just make the air according to body warmth.

3. Time to sleep

When it's time to go to bed, it's usually better to sleep right at: 22:00 WIB, but usually for ordinary workers it can drag on at night because of the work that piles up and there are so many tasks to be done, Try to reduce it and it would be nice Don't often, health must be maintained.

4. Bed

Just make the bed as comfortable as possible.

5. TV

If we should after finishing work, we will usually turn on the TV first before going to bed, now for this one, before going to bed, electronic goods in the form of a TV or other device, try not to activate it, so as not to disturb your sleep comfort.

Of the 5 points above, the most important thing to take care of is health, and don't forget to always sleep before the clock shows: 22:00 WIB the longest. Health must be taken care of so that the next day it will come back fresh when you wake up from bed and can start your daily work.

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