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Tips for AC running 24 hours but it doesn't waste electricity and is economical-

Tips for AC running 24 hours but it doesn't waste electricity and is economical- Listen, why do I turn on the AC for 24 hours and it doesn't waste money... Because I know the trick and you should know

#8 secrets about using air conditioning that you need to know.

1. The temperature of 26℃ from the air conditioner is the most appropriate temperature, comfortable and does not cause pain.

Although the human body itself can adjust body temperature, this ability also has its limits. If the outside temperature and the indoor temperature differ too much, you too can easily fall ill. 26℃ is the most suitable indoor temperature, and this temperature is the most economical for your air conditioner.

2. When the air is too hot and humid, change the AC mode to "Dry"

During the rainy season, the air will feel hotter and humid, so at this time, you have to change your AC mode from "cool" to "dry". This "dry" mode can not only absorb moist air, but can also help you save a lot!

When you turn on the "cool" mode, the AC fan will continue to spin fast until the room temperature is cold, this wastes a lot of electricity, but when you turn on the "dry" mode, the AC fan will spin more slowly and stably, so the electricity used is even more economical.

3. 3 hours after turning on the air conditioner, the window should be opened.

Lots of people don't know this important thing. If the air conditioner has been on in a closed room for 3 hours, the air inside will no longer be fresh, if within 6 hours there is no air change, then the air in the room is heavily polluted. This air pollution can greatly affect health. If you have often experienced respiratory problems, flu, dizziness and like to be in a closed air-conditioned room, then you should pay attention to this problem. We recommend opening the window every 3 hours turning on the air conditioner.

4. The direction of the AC mouth must be up

When turning on the AC, adjust the direction of the AC mouth upwards, this will make the AC wind fill the room more quickly and be stable.

5. Sleep on your side when the AC is on

Sleeping on your back under the AC wind can make your mouth dry and the AC wind blowing directly into the body is not good for health. Doctor Li from Taiwan said, it's best to sleep on your side when you open the air conditioner, this can prevent you from breathing by opening your mouth and making the air flow more stable.

6. Open the air conditioner first, then close the window.

The important thing that must be considered when opening the air conditioner is the steps: You have to enter the room first, open the air conditioner, then close the window. The purpose of opening the AC first is to let the dirty air in the AC out first, after the AC has been spinning for a while, then close the window.

7. If you just want to leave the room for a while, you shouldn't have to turn off the air conditioner.

Lots of people, because they want to be economical, they always turn off the air conditioner when traveling for a while, then turn on the air conditioner again when they get home. Even though this method actually makes you more wasteful and not good for the AC engine. Air conditioners that are opened and closed too often can make the engine "fuck" and eventually break down. When you turn on the air conditioner, the electric power used reaches 500-1000 watts, this can really waste your electricity! If you only travel for a short time, for example 1 hour, it's better not to turn off the AC, this actually makes you more economical.

8. When entering the room, do not rush to turn on the air conditioner.

Lots of people who once entered a hot room, would immediately turn on the air conditioner. If you enter from a very high temperature outside, and immediately turn on the AC with a low temperature, your body will not have time to adapt and cause your blood pressure to spike high in a moment. This is not very good, especially for people with weak hearts. When entering the room, don't be in a hurry to turn on the AC, wait until your body temperature starts to adjust, then turn on the AC. It's beautiful to share, HOPE IT'S USEFUL

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