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Causes of Banned In Google AdSense to watch out for -

Causes of Banned In Google AdSense to watch out for - Banned is a word that is scary and traumatizing, especially for Google Adsense publishers, the hard work, and income that has been obtained by Google Adsense that we haven't had time to disburse, seems to be just like that, an effort that has been what we do will be in vain, therefore, as a google Adsense publisher we must always be careful and always follow the rules of the google adsense policy, if not, the hard work that we have put in will just disappear.


Some of the causes of being banned on google adsense

In this article I will discuss the causes of being banned on Google Adsense that we must be aware of and avoid, as follows:

1. Clicking Your Own Ads

This action is the most prohibited action by google adsense, if you get caught doing a froud click then the risk of getting banned is very large, don't ever trick yourself into clicking on your own ads, google adsense is a sophisticated technology, no matter how small illegal actions we do on eventually it will be caught and potentially banned, not only our google adsense ads, but it could be that the google adsense account is also banned.

2. Telling Others To Click On Ads

Similar to point one above, the act of telling other people to click on the ad if we know the consequences we will get are our adsense account being banned, don't ever think that Google won't know, the adsense engine is very sensitive, once the mistakes we make can be disastrous for our adsense account, we should avoid this kind of thing, because slowly but surely in the end it will be caught by google.

3. Ads don't appear on any of the pages

Every article we publish, automatically AdSense ads will generally appear on the article page depending on where the Adsense ad unit code is placed, but sometimes for some cases the articles we just publish, Adsense ads don't appear on the page, if it happens like that you should act quickly, because if left unchecked it can trigger the ban of our adsense account, if adsense on one of our blog pages does not appear it indicates there are sensitive words such as words that smell like pornography, hackers, gambling and others. prohibited and violates google adsense policies.

If that happens, we should re-check the content of our article from the title to the content of the article, and if it is true that there are words that smell like porn, gambling, hackers or other adult content and other sensitive words, they should be replaced with better ones. .

The best solution to avoid ads not showing is, always review the articles we make before we publish, if at the review stage the ads appear, we can be sure the article is safe for us to publish.

4. Install Sticky Ads Or Popup Ads

The thing we have to avoid as a google adsense publisher is, ad placement techniques, to avoid unwanted things we should follow the rules for placing ads that are allowed according to the google adsense rules, to avoid banning our google adsense account.

Never put an ad with a sticky technique, that is, the ad will still be there even though our blog page scrolls, or we do the technique of placing an ad on a popup screen, when the blog page is open, the adsense ad will appear on the popup screen, if it happens that way indirectly it can be indicated that we are telling visitors to click on the ad,

if you do such a technique you should leave and return to the right path, namely by placing adsense ads according to what is recommended by google, so that we avoid being banned from our adsense account.

5. Website traffic is low and constant

One of our tasks that must be fought for when Google Adsense is accepted is, trying to increase traffic, even though at the beginning Google Adsense received no more than 10 visitors per day, but traffic must appear to increase from time to time, if in just a few months the traffic does not change and still low, it looks like you have to give up your blog will be considered a trash blog that does not take adsense seriously, and will not be considered a quality blog, such blogs can trigger your google adsense ads to be banned.

6. Violating the Terms Of Service (TOS) google adsense.

As a publisher, you should know and obey all the rules and regulations issued by the google adsense team, otherwise it is possible that our adsense ads will only be memories. one that we must learn is the AdSense TOS, a special description of the rules of the google adsense game.

7. Copy Paste Content

Copy-pasting for some bloggers is indeed considered a natural thing as long as it is not harmful, but for Google Adsense you should never include Google Adsense ads on a copy-pasted blog without permission from the owner, copy-paste should not be one hundred percent the same and must put a link to the source, google really appreciates Haki (intellectual property rights) for Adsense matters, we have to be very careful, because if the content is detected as an illegal copy and paste, it will result in the banning of our google adsense ads on the blog.

8. Autoblog

Auto blog is an automatic blog, where every article published is a duplication of articles posted on other blogs. blogs like this become the target of google adsense operations, if caught then our google adsense history is over.

9. Wrong Internal Linking

A link is a link on a web page and if clicked it will go to a certain page, both in the same or different domains, links can help onpage SEO, especially internal linking, be careful not to get it wrong, when we make internal linking, namely links to pages others on the same site, if the blog that we have is used to promote google adsense, it is better if the anchor text on the link is adjusted to the title of the article on the page it goes to, otherwise it will have the potential to be banned for adsense ads.

For example, if the page to which a link is directed is "onpage seo optimization on the blog", it is better to link to that page we use the anchor text "Onpage Seo Optimization on the blog" instead of just installing the anchor text "Seo Onpage".

10. Combined ad placement

The number of google adsense for one page should follow the rules of google adsense, never put the number of ads more than the specified, because if it happens like that it can result in google adsense getting banned. apart from that, never mix or combine google adsense ads with other advertising services

11. Your blog or site is an MPA (Made for Adsense) site or blog

An MPA site or made for adsense is a site that is only intended to earn adsense ad revenue, but with minimal information for visitors, such a site clearly violates the adsense rules regarding MPA, it is better if a blog or site is built for the purpose of being useful for visitors and can help them to find the information they are looking for.

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