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Blogging Guide For Beginners 2022

Blogging Guide For Beginners 2022 - Here I will provide a guide for people who are new to blogging. Basically this article is specifically for Blogger beginners who are really new to the world of Blogger. But in general this article can be read by any blogger. good beginner

Or those who are already professionals in the world of bloggers.

History of 

Blogger is actually a Blog Publishing System (Blog Publishing System) which was originally created by Pyra Labs on August 23, 1999 and is the first dedicated blog-publishing tool intended to help popularize the format.

In February 2003, due to its popularity, finally Pyra Labs was acquired by Google. This acquisition causes premium features that were previously charged to be free. In 2004, Google introduced its new service “Picasa”, which is an application for organizing and editing digital photos.

This service is then integrated with the photo sharing utility Hello into the Blogger service, thus allowing a blogger user to post their photos into the blog he created.

On May 9, 2004, "Blogger" redesigned its main interface, various changes were made to Blogger by adding various features such as web standards-compliant templates, individual archive pages for posting, commenting and posting using email. the addition of several "new features" in it.

In December 2006, finally the latest version of Blogger was no longer in “beta version” and in “May 2007”, Blogger had completely moved to Google's servers.

What is a Blog?

If you are completely new to the blogging world, then chances are you still don't really understand what a blog is.

On the internet, there are actually many articles that discuss what a blog is, but here I will give a brief explanation.

"A blog is one of the many types of sites on the internet."

Examples of the types of sites on the internet are:

News portals (for example:,,, etc.)

Social Networking (example:,, etc.)

Search Engines (example:,,, etc.)

Forums (example:,,, etc.)

Online stores (for example:,,,, etc.)

BLOG (example:,,, etc.)

One of the most distinguishing things between blogs and other types of websites is the function of the blog itself. The main function of the blog at first was to make it easier for people to write personal notes on the internet.

However, at this time the blog already has many functions. Starting from as a place for personal notes, a place to share opinions and information, for economic, political, social, cultural, spiritual purposes, to business and marketing purposes.

Benefits of Blogging

The following are some of the benefits that you can get if you become a blogger:

1. Become a Great Writer

Honestly, the first time I got to know my blog, I included people who were not very good at writing. To just write one sentence I was so hard to do.

But since becoming a blogger, little by little I started to write fluently. Although it can't be said that it's good, but in my opinion it's already very extraordinary.

So if you yourself are a person who likes to write, then I'm sure if you start blogging your writing skills will increase and it's not impossible to become a great writer.

2. Helping Others

The benefits of blogging are also not just for ourselves, because from blogs we can also help others by sharing the knowledge or knowledge we have.

There is nothing more enjoyable than blogging than being able to help others.

3. Select the Blog Platform

There are so many platforms (services) that we can use for blogging, such as,,, and so on. All have their own advantages and disadvantages. But I think is the right choice for you. Apart from being free, is very easy to use for beginners.

4. Start Writing

If you already have a blog then the most important thing is to fill your blog with writing. Start writing whatever you want to write according to the topic you have specified.

5. Beautify Blog

Things that are actually not that important for beginner bloggers, but there's nothing wrong with doing it as long as it's not excessive.

You can change the template or appearance of your blog with a better one, install widgets to make it more beautiful to look at, and so on.

But remember! do not overdo it because most beginner bloggers really like to change the template or appearance which ends up just a waste of time and out of the main purpose of blogging activities.

Mistakes that Beginner Bloggers Often Make Once you know how to start blogging, then you should pay attention to some mistakes that are often made by beginner bloggers so that you don't have to do the following:

1. Too Busy with Display

As I mentioned a little above, the mistake that most beginner bloggers make is being too busy with the appearance of the blog. Change templates, install widgets, etc.

Having a cool blog display is good, but what will make your blog big and known to many people is not because of the appearance, but because of the content you present on the blog.

2. Emphasize Quantity over Quality

Beginner bloggers usually compete to fill their blogs with as many posts as possible with hope

3. Too much reading of information but not practiced

As a novice blogger, you are usually very curious. Read this read that until his head is full of information and confused which one to put into practice. Better a little information but actually practiced than a lot of information but not used at all.

4. Inconsistent

In the beginning, I was very diligent in updating posts regularly every day, but after that it suddenly disappeared somewhere. Regularly updating the blog is very good, but consistency in my opinion is much more important.

5. Discussing Too Many Topics

Is it a problem to cover multiple topics? absolutely not. But what is certain is that your blog will be difficult to develop, has no uniqueness, has no identity, and will be difficult to get loyal readers.

6. Too Obsessed with Blog Statistics

A beginner blogger will usually be very diligent in checking the number of visitors, alexa ranking, pagerank, and so on. A day can check up to hundreds of times. Even though this will not help increase the number of visitors to your blog and will only waste time.

7. Creating Too Many Blogs

Honestly enough experienced bloggers who manage many blogs, tens or even hundreds.

But especially for beginners, it is not recommended to create too many blogs because it will make them unfocused.

Even though you are no longer a beginner, I think managing multiple blogs is not a must. It all depends on your goals. If you want to create a blog so that it can be popular and last a long time, then there is no reason to manage multiple blogs.

8. Too Ambitious to Get Money Fast

It is undeniable that many bloggers start blogging because they want to earn money. They think that making money from a blog can be done overnight, but that's not the case. It takes time, effort and consistency.

I myself can only make money after two years of blogging. That's quite a long time considering I started completely from scratch. You may be able to go faster or longer. What is clear is that it takes time, effort and consistency.

9. Not Making the Most of Search Engines

Don't just join the blogger group, we can find any information easily on search engines like Google. So make good use of Google to learn to blog, if you can't find the information you need, just ask in the existing blogger forums or groups.

10. Too Often Blog Walking

Blog Walkikng (BW) activities are proven to be able to significantly increase blog traffic, bloggers who do BW are usually obsessed with blog statistics, as I have discussed above.

Another obsession is to get Backlinks from other blogs through comments, and Alexa Rank.

That's my article today regarding the "Blogging Guide for 2022 beginners" if you are still confused and lacking. Comment below. That is all and thank you.

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