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5 Common Factors Affecting Website Speed

 5 Common Factors Affecting Website Speed-When talking about Website SEO, it is said that there are many that have influenced all factors, one of which is website speed or website pagespeed. itself.

When in 2010, Google has given its own explanation and revealed that it will include the speed of a website loading or pagespeed in a Google search engine ranking.

Apart from affecting Website SEO, page speed on a website will also affect traffic and the number of customers later. This is based on research which says that most users on the internet will not last so long to wait for the site's page to load.

The faster a website loads, the more likely it is for the website to bring in traffic and the number of customers. The loading speed/page speed on the website is based on many factors.


The main factor to affect the speed or loading of a website is from hosting our own website. Nowadays, there are many hosting providers to offer a number of very low prices to customers.

For this, it should not be easy to be tempted by this, it could be because the hoting that will be offered does not have specifications that match the needs for your website. It is highly recommended to choose a hosting provider with the best hosting and according to the hosting needs on your website.


Images or images on a website are also a factor that will affect a loading speed / page speed on the pages of your website, where an image size that is too large can slow down page speed / page loading on your website.

For the selection of images that you will attach, you should be able to use them on websites such as images in PNG format instead of JPEG.


The widgets that you use on the website can also affect the page/page loading speed on the website. Choose the widgets that are really needed and reduce the number of widgets that you don't need at all for your website.

Too Many Ads

Although advertising on a website can bring in lucrative income and benefit from advertising for you on the website owner.

Too many ads can interfere with the comfort of your visitors when visiting or browsing pages on your website. In addition, website page speed can also slow down page loading due to too many ads.

Website Templates

There are still many factors that can affect the speed of loading on your website, another factor that also affects the influence of page speed or website speed in loading pages is choosing a website template. Creating a website with an interactive display is certainly what the website owner wants. .

However, if the template you choose has many options or plugins have many effects, it will actually make your website page speed really slow.

So that's my article about 5 Common Factors Affecting Website Speed ​​and hopefully it can be a reference for you to learn and understand the general factors of the speed of a website you manage. Hopefully it can be useful and useful for you.

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