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Wp-PreventCopyBlogs/ProtectCopyBlogs WordPress Plugin : Prevent and CopyProtect Your WordPress Blog from fraudulent copies

Wp-PreventCopyBlogs/ProtectCopyBlogs WordPress Plugin : Prevent and CopyProtect Your WordPress Blog from fraudulent copies

I have tried many plugins for wordpress which will prevent users copying your content.But,there are no complete functionalities for any of these plugins.These plugins wont track the visitors who tries to copy your content.So,i have decided to add these functions to my plugin.

This plugin is alternative for wp-preventcopyblogs plugin.

If you have installed wp-preventcopyblogs or wp-Zoom-CopyProtect plugins earlier, you must deactivate them and then use this plugin.All development and support will be provided only for this plugin.

What you can from Wp-PreventCopyBlogs/ProtectCopyBlogs WordPress Plugin

1.Track the visitors who try to copy your content.

2.Record the ip of the user who tries to do fraudulent copy with their landing url of your site and referral url.This can help you to do necessary measures if you notice something bad.

3.Enable Message displayed to your user upon user’s choice.

4.Disable Selection of you text and Right Click for users depending on the option.

In latest stable release,

5.Disabling of right click without alert option is allowed,depending on user’s choice.

Stable release till wordpress 3.x


Advantages over other plugins

For any other plugins,Users can disable javascript on a wordpress page and do the fraudulent copies .But,in my plugin,if user tries to do so,their ip address is noted with their url in the database so that user can be tracked and filed with the proof of their activity.My plugin does every activity automatically and hidden.Make Your content unique and drive traffic to your site.

How to install and use

Extract and Upload onlyProtectCopyBlogs.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directoryActivate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPressGo to Settings and then ProtectCopyProtect to configure.You have to provide your database details.For this,You have to create a mysql database under a user and all information in the settings page.If you dont provide them also,the plugin will work but it wont track the information of your fraudulent visitors.If you need to track the visitors,you can either open your database from console or phpadmin page or from the admin page iteslf.You can see three columns -ip,referral_url and relative url which are for ip of the visitor,which website has referred you and the page ,he is currently viewing.I have added the feature of displaying entries in database in the admin panel itself.You dont not need to login to your database any more.


Whatever be the amount you donate,it will be a great help to me to pay for the server costs.I will list you in donors section of the plugin below this post and also in my plugin settings page of next version release .reply here or mail to

Donors of this plugin

Please donate and i will add your link.

Stable release till wordpress 3.x

Suggestions ,Comments and doubts

If you have any suggestions or doubts,feel free to comment here and i will reply to you as soon as possible.Please leave mail id’s so that i can mail you back.Make your content copy protected and feel happy of it.

For bloggers and any other sites,make copy protected by referring Copy Protect your Websites or Blogs from Fraudulent Users

Installation and Usage help

The message is displayed when the user tried to copy.The message can be configured in the settings section of the plugin.

The settings page look like this where you can add database details and click on save settings.

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