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How to Login the Latest Telegram Web Without Scanning the QR Code

Social media such as Telegram also has a popularity that is not much different from WhatsApp or Facebook. The reason is because of the many features available in it. Social media such as Telegram is not only used as a medium of communication.
Social media such as Telegram also has a popularity that is not much different from WhatsApp or Facebook. The reason is because of the many features available in it. Social media such as Telegram is not only used as a medium of communication.
But there are also other features that can be utilized. The main function of social media is to communicate. However, nowadays many applications are popping up with more interesting features.

How to Login the Latest Telegram Web

Telegram is a short messaging application that focuses more on security and speed. For this application, it can be used quickly, free of charge and also looks simple. To login to the latest Telegram web, you can follow some of the tutorials below:
  1. First of all, please visit the Telegram web contained in the browser.
  2. After that, you are asked to fill in your country of residence, along with the phone number you are currently using.
  3. Then click next menu.
  4. Wait until you receive a verification code that will automatically be sent to the Telegram account associated with your mobile number.
  5. If you don't receive the verification code in the Telegram application on your phone, you can ask it to send it back.
  6. With this new method, you will automatically not be able to log in to your Telegram web account if you don't have the Tele application installed on your phone first. So, make sure you install the Telegram application first on your cellphone, then after successfully logging in to Telegram web, you just delete the application on your cellphone if you don't need it anymore.
  7. If you have received the OTP code in the Telegram application, please enter the code in the column provided.
  8. After that, click the next menu.
  9. If the mobile number you are using is already registered or already has a previous Telegram account, please enter directly and you will automatically be faced with the message contained in the Telegram account at the registered number.
  10. Process completed.

How to Logout from Telegram Web

After knowing how to login to Telegram web, it's not complete if you don't know how to log out from Telegram web. Actually to logout from this application is very easy. For that, don't skip the following steps:
  1. Open the Telegram web first through the browser that you often use.
  2. If you have, in the main menu you can click on the dot 3. It is located on the top left.
  3. After that, you can determine the choice of settings or settings.
  4. Scroll down if you have found the logout or logout option, then you can click on that option.
  5. In order to ensure that you have logged out of your Telegram account, please re-access the Telegram web.
  6. If the display is back like when you wanted to log in, then this means that your account is no longer on the Telegram web.
  7. Make sure in advance that you always log out of Telegram web to keep your privacy safe. This is especially true if you use a common device or share a device with friends or family.

How to Delete Telegram Account

Even though Telegram is a short messaging application with many advantages, some of its users already want to delete it. The reason is because they feel bored or because they no longer need the Telegram application.

Telegram actually has a policy that if an account is inactive for six months, the account will automatically be deleted. But if six months is too long, you can delete it yourself. For the following way:
  1. Please visit and you will automatically be asked to enter the mobile number that you used when registering a Telegram account before.
  2. If you have, you will receive a confirmation code from the Telegram app.
  3. Then select delete account.
  4. Next enter the reason why you want to delete the Telegram account.
  5. The last step click delete my account.
  6. If so, confirm again by clicking the yes button, delete my account.
  7. If some of the steps above have been completed, the Telegram account will automatically disappear and cannot be accessed again.

Featured Features of Telegram

Of the many advantages of Telegram, it turns out that not many people know and know this application. There are some people who think that this application can only be used as a chat medium.

But unfortunately, the Telegram application is not only limited to that, but has many uses and features that can be enjoyed for free. What features do you mean? Here's the review:

1. Storage Space Capacity

The first advantage that Telegram has and is not necessarily found in other applications is in terms of its relatively large storage space capacity. Telegram provides unlimited storage space because its cloud storage system can save

feed data directly.

For the data stored is guaranteed security and can be accessed easily. This is the reason why Telegram is widely used.

2. Message Editing

Apart from providing large storage space, users of Telegram can also enjoy the message editing feature. You can make edits to a message even if the message has already been sent and received by the recipient.

Meanwhile, the recipient of the message can also know that the message has been edited. However, it does not know the content of the message before it was edited.

3. Large Capacity Group

If some applications provide group features but are very slow when accessed, of course this is different from Telegram. Although Telegram has a fairly large number of groups, it can still be accessed quickly.

This is because groups on Telegram can accommodate up to 5,000 members. So it is certain that Telegram is the best choice for online groups that require many members.

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